Baker King – Kim Tak Gu

A drama which just finished its run on KBS.

A story about how a boy (Yoon Shi Yoon) found out that he is the illegitimate son of a bread company owner, who is then sent to live with his father by his mother. The father already have a wife, a son and two daughters. The wife and son loathes him, but he worked really hard to be able to stay there. However, when he found out that his mother is sent far far away, he leaves the family to look for his mother. After 12 years, he still has not found his mother, he has turned into a drifter(?) looking for his mother all over the place. By coincidence, met his half-brother (Joo Won) and his childhood sweetheart (Eugene). He then strives to gain his father’s approval by baking the world’s greatest bread, while the half-brother also strives to gain his father’s affection using any and all sorts of methods.

A very moving drama. 30 episodes and all. I love it. The over-dramatics and everything. Haha~

I could only find with Chinese subtitles, so,