Reign of Assassins

Also known as 剑雨.

A movie starring Michelle Yeoh 杨紫琼 , Jung Woo Sung 정우성, Shawn Yue 余文乐, Barbie Hsu 徐熙媛 and Wang Xueqi 王学圻. I guess it can be said that it is an international movie, with actors and actresses from different Asian countries.

A wuxia film set during the Ming dynasty.

This tells of how a top assassin of a gang, Drizzle (Yeoh), tries to live a normal life after a job done. She changes her face and her name to Zeng Jing and moves to a city. There, she earns her living by selling fabric. Soon, she meets Ah Sheng (Jung), a messenger, whom she soon marries. However, he is not really who he says he is.

Wang Xueqi plays leader of the gang, Shawn Yue is another member and Barbie Hsu plays an assassin trained by the leader soon after Drizzle disappeared.

Although there are lots of sword fighting sequences in the movie, it was really quite believable. There were no heavy visual effects as compared to Storm Warriors II, which I must say was a total waste of time. Anyways, this film was enjoyable as there were not too many gory scenes even though it is still a fighting movie. The romance part was simple but nice.

This gave me another reason for my love of Michelle Yeoh. She carried the movie really well, even though she has aged, but she ages gracefully, with poise and style quite evident in the movie.

I am not familiar with Jung Woo Sung, but after I watched this movie, I goggled him and realised that he will be in the upcoming drama Athena: Goddess of War, which I have been waiting for a long time. And so. Can’t wait. He was great in the movie as the simple husband to Zeng Jing, but he harbours a great pain which only got revealed at the peak of the movie.

Barbie Hsu, hmm~ not really a fan of hers, but she has been making splashes recently in movies. She was the main actress in the so popular Meteor Garden which shot her to fame. Her subsequent dramas were quite well received as well actually, her latest was 2010’s Summer’s Desire with Huang Xiao Ming and Peter Ho. But in recent years, she moved on to films. One of them was Connected, with Louise Koo, quite good I must say. And Future X-Cops with Andy Lau, which I haven’t watched yet.

All in all, a really great movie to watch when time stands still for that 120 minutes or so.

The movie is in Mandarin, but on, there is both English subtitles and Chinese subtitles, but it is quite small.

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Ps: I posted several of the posters, but if you notice, it depends on the country which shows the movie. Say for example, the first, is probably the one that is put up in Malaysia because I can see the Golden Screen Cinemas logo and because Michelle Yeoh is Malaysian so they put her in the middle (Haha~); and the second, probably in China, because almost everyone is shown; and the third is obviously the Korean poster, if the words didn’t give you a clue, Jung Woo Sung definitely did; and the last, I don’t know, maybe China too, or Taiwan.

Oh~ Trailer: