Sungkyunkwan Scandal

I must totally apologise for the lack of posts. I have just arrived in the UK and for the past 2 months have been trying to get use to the place and weather.

Anyways, Sungkyunkwan Scandal is the drama of the year to watch.

This just finished airing actually, in Korea, but if you have KBS World, then it is still on, the 15th episode will be airing on the 29th November 2010.

This drama stars Micky Yoochun (of DBSK, and now JYJ, this is his debut), Park Min Young (I am Sam), Song Joong Ki (OB-GYN), Yoo Ah In (The Man Who Can’t Get Married) and several others.

This is set in a Joseon-era school that is attended by the scholars and noble young sons of the day — and one young woman, Kim Yoon-hee (Park Min Young) who sneaks in posing as her brother, thus taking his name: Kim Yoon-shik, and subsequently finds herself in romantic entanglements with her fellow classmates.

The fellow classmates  are Lee Sun-joon (Micky), son of the Left Minister (I would think similar to Prime Minister,or head of the political party that is in power), obviously rich and lives a sheltered life; Goo Yong-ha (Song Joong Ki), a wealthy merchant’s son and resident playboy; and Moon Jae-shin (Yoo Ah In), son of the other political party leader, always butting heads with Sun-joon.

This is my first saguek drama actually, and not a proper one at that, but I actually understood, more or less, what was going on, especially the parts where it is a little similar to history. However, this does not fully follow history.

Almost like Hana Kimi + You’re Beautiful + allotherdramaswhichhasagirlposingasaguy… = a whole lot of fun.

I absolutely love this drama, it was really good and heart-warming. I don’t think that there were any parts in which I wanted to skip.  The characters were really awesome, and those portraying them were even more awesome. They allowed me to feel what the characters themselves were feeling.

The supporting characters were also great.

Cho-sun, a gisaeng who falls in love with Kim Yoon-shik.

Student Council President + his minions, War Minister’s son, don’t quite remember his name.

Ok. I have no idea what else to write about, I could go on and on and on about the whole beauty of the drama. Bah~ like how cute is this:

Oh, the drama also has really beautiful sceneries.For example:

This is actually an adaption of a novel, which is available only in Korean, but there is a blogger, who is seriously awesome, who is translating certain parts of the novel; at Bad Milk.

To watch:

With English subtitles, Mysoju. And with Chinese subtitles,