The Fugitive: Plan B

Rain’s freaking-ly awesome drama.

This stars Rain, Lee Na Young, Daniel Henney, Lee Jung Jin and Yoon Jin Seo.

It just recently ended on KBS2, but is still airing on KBS World.

The drama revolves around Ji Woo (Rain), who is a private detective in Korea, and Jin Yi (Lee Na Young), a heiress to a large fortune but is hunted for it. The two travel around East Asia as they search for the one who has been hunting Jin Yi and killing her family. Do Soo (Lee Jung Jin) and So Ran (Yoon Jin Seo) are with the Police Department hot on the trail of Ji Woo. And Kai (Daniel Henney) is a successful businessman and Jin Yi’s lover, set on protecting her using his own means.

I found the drama terribly good.


Especially the first few episodes where they were forever running. Like, seriously. Dramabeans’ title for the drama is Runaway: Plan B actually. She felt that it was a more literal translation of the drama’s Korean title: 도망자: Plan B / Do Mang Ja: Plan B. And I could definitely feel it. But when looking at the phonetics of the title, it is quite similar to the Chinese title 逃亡者.

Anyways, back to the story. After getting the running, and RUNNING out of the way, the plot got quite interesting.

And well, if you haven’t watch it, I would recommend it, however, don’t expect too much logic in it. Although Rain’s awesome facial expressionS are definitely worth it.

To watch:

With English subtitles, here.

With Chinese subtitles, here.

The Dramawiki post, here.

Also known as 도망자: Plan B / Do Mang Ja: Plan B / Runaway: Plan B / 逃亡者B計畫 / 逃亡者Plan B.

Oh, and several people cameo-ed at the beginning of the drama, namely Lee Da Hae, Oh Ji Ho, Han Jung Soo, Lee Jong Hyuk, Ahn Suk Hwan, who were in the previous drama of the same production team or director, the quite awesome Chuno. MBLAQ cameo-ed as well, and they sang two songs from the Original Sound Track, Running & Running and Bang Bang Bang. Although I can’t actually remember MBLAQ’s cameo, but, well.