Down With Love

New Drama!!!

Also known as 就想賴著妳.

Started airing on January 31, on Sunday at 22:00 to 00:00, on channel CTV/ GTV. It is now on its 4th episode and tomorrow will be its 5th episode.

This drama stars Jerry Yan, Ella Chen, Michael Zhang and Kelly Huang.

The drama revolves around Yang Guo (Ella’s) who is hired by Shiang Yu Ping (Jerry’s) to be his niece and nephew’s nanny. Because the previous nannies were either scared stiff by the kids or they fell in love with Yu Ping, so his secretary, also Yang Guo’s sister, recommended her sister while also saying that she does not like guys at all. Well, the story then goes on, even the first time they met was hilarious.

The drama summary, here.

And to watch, at and Youtube and Tudou.


On a side note, I am sorry that I have not updated at all. Hehe~ I have actually finished watching this drama, because apparently it got leaked out onto the internet. So Tudou has the entire series, but in 28 episodes, while the link of Youtube that I have pasted is also the entire series but in 14 episodes.

And due to the leak, the producers are thinking of changing the ending, but I am not sure if this is confirmed or not yet. I will update as soon I hear of anything.

I really like this series as it is lighthearted and fun. After watching Autumn’s Concerto, I needed something to be able to make me laugh. Oh~ The nephew is someone familiar if you watched Autumn’s Concerto. He is so CUTE!! Haha~  I would really recommend this and Jerry Yan is as usual 冷酷 but with a humour streak. Ah~ but I may be biased as I am a Jerry Yan fan, although not a die-hard. So, do enjoy~