The Lightning Thief Movie

The full title of the movie – Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

A new movie premiering on February 11 in Malaysia.

The movie is an adaptation of the first novel in the series of Percy Jackson & the Olympians, a fantasy – adventure series. It is based on Greek mythology set in the modern world.

Information on the book, on Wikipedia; the movie summary, also on Wikipedia; and movie information, on IMDb.

The trailer:

From the trailer, it looks really cool, and so, me and my friends are definitely watching it when it is out.

Can’t wait at all!!! Haha~


I finally watched this and one word describes it – AWESOMENESS!!! Haha~ Now I can’t wait for the next three. But I guess I will be satisfying my fantasy ‘thirst’ when Eclipse comes out in sometime June.


Sherlock Holmes


An extremely good movie. I absolutely loved it!!!

This movie is a remake of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional character. Starring Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law, Rachel McAdams and Mark Strong.

The summary of the movie, here.

Although the movie has Sherlock Holmes on the more agressive side, it was still good. He also played the violin in the movie, but I think in a different way as to the novels.Robert Downey played Sherlock Holmes in a great way. I so love him in this movie, although I haven’t watch Iron Man yet. Haha~

And Jude Law as Dr Watson was splendid. In the novels, he was more of a sidekick, but here, he could hold his own very well. For me, Jude Law potrayed Dr Watson in a really cool way, always there for Sherlock when he needed him.

One of the cool thing was that, whenever Sherlock Holmes was going to fight, he would first analyse it, then only act on it. Really funny.

And so, the trailers, two sorts, different in some ways. Lol~

If you have not watched it yet, you MUST, DEFINITELY MUST!!! Haha~

I seriously hope that a sequel will come out really soon. It will be absolutely awesome.

Ps> just something random… Sherlock Holmes said: ‘Its nice… when I have someone I can thoroughly rely on.’

Ninja Assassin

Definitely the movie to watch if you can stand gory stuffs, and Rain is not bad to look at either. Haha~ Rain was the main reason that I took into account to even watch the movie, if not, don’t even think about it.

Rain acts as a ninja assassin who has been trained as a killing machine since young in a secluded ninja school nestled high up in the snowy mountains.

The movie summary, at Wikipedia and at IMDb.

For me, the story line was quite good as it was really expected. Although the blood splattered throughout the movie was really fake, it did give it a sense of ‘realness’… I don’t know… Haha~

The gory parts of the movie was that there were excessive amount of blood and whenever the ninjas were fighting, there will be bound to be body parts flying around. But, thank goodness that most of the fighting scenes happened at night and so the bloody parts were not as obvious as it would be if it were to happen in the daytime.

The action scenes of the movie was totally good and it wasn’t at the point where people will start to think that it will be highly impossible to achieve.

But there was a really cute and hilarious part during the movie. It was when Raizo (Rain) got caught by the Europol (European version of Interpol, I think, but definitely the police or something) and they said that he did not look like an assassin but more like he belonged in a boy band. It was so damn funny. Haha~

Rain, hmm~ lets just say that I love him even more. Haha~ He looks totally awesome and hot in the movie. And my sister was saying that ‘His six packs looks even hotter than Taylor Lautner’s’ and I went ‘DUH!!! Rain is older and obviously his body would be more developed than a kid’s lah’. Don’t get offended, Lautner’s fans, but technically he is still a kid, definitely not an adult yet.

Anyways, I just love Rain, can’t say much about his acting because I’m not a judge of that. I usually just watch any movies which I have an interest in, no matter is the actor, actress, the storyline, the trailer, and whatever that attracts me to it. I sometimes love movies which other people may hate. But, ya~ thats me. So, generally I don’t really bother about the acting as long as it is not bad, and that it is not painfully obvious that the actor or actress just can’t act at all.

Or maybe I’m just bias. Hehe~

Ok. Trailer time.

If you have not watched it, it is definitely worth it. But bear in mind that it is so not for the faint hearted. Even I had to cover my eyes in certain scenes.

I have included an interview, but I have not watched it so I’m not sure what it contains. If it contains anything explicit do tell me and I’ll remove it, or until I have seen it.

There is also the official interview with both Rain and Naomi Harris, but I can’t embed the videos, so the links, for Rain’s and Noami Harris’.

Surrogates The Movie

watched the movie yesterday with a bunch of friends…


and i must say it was good…

movie summary… here

the story is set in a futuristic world, where humans in major cities around the world now use surrogates – flawless robots – to interact while they live in isolation in the safety and comfort of their own homes… Bruce Willis plays FBI cop who has to investigate the various murders which occured to the surrogates and their operators – the humans who runs their own robots…

there are several twists and turns as the movie progresses…

the graphics are good without being overdone… haha…

i’m waiting for my internet to improve to post up the official trailer…

apparently cant embed at all or something…

anyways… the link then…