Review: Oh! My Lady

Lots of cuteness, fun-ness and liveliness, with a little little bit of sadness. But all in all, a really fun drama to watch, especially when in need of laughter.

Overall-y, I totally enjoyed it.

Choi Si Won can act, that is all that I can say. I didn’t have much expectation for him, and so I was thoroughly surprised to say the least. He could carry the drama, with his acting, his charisma, and when the need arose, his abs. Total hot-ness overload.

Chae Rim, this is her first drama that I watched. Not totally amazed by her, but I have read that this does not show us her full potential. But, liked her character quite a lot, funny at times, but also endearing as well. She allowed me to feel her emotions and such.

The story moved at a pace that was quite consistent. Although there were times when I felt like hitting my computer screen when it was dragging for too long. Perhaps whenever the ex-husband was on? Couldn’t stand him at all, but I must say that his expressions are freaking hilarious.

The two girls as the daughters were adorable. Very cute. But they could definitely act.

Hmm~ I don’t really know what else to write about actually. This is my first time doing this sort of stuffs. Just my personal opinion. I hope that I will improve, and post more regularly. Haha~

And, if you haven’t watch this, I definitely recommend it. Not a deep drama, quite shallow and predictable actually, but fun nonetheless.

To watch:

With English subtitles –

With Chinese subtitles –


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