Baker King – Kim Tak Gu

A drama which just finished its run on KBS.

A story about how a boy (Yoon Shi Yoon) found out that he is the illegitimate son of a bread company owner, who is then sent to live with his father by his mother. The father already have a wife, a son and two daughters. The wife and son loathes him, but he worked really hard to be able to stay there. However, when he found out that his mother is sent far far away, he leaves the family to look for his mother. After 12 years, he still has not found his mother, he has turned into a drifter(?) looking for his mother all over the place. By coincidence, met his half-brother (Joo Won) and his childhood sweetheart (Eugene). He then strives to gain his father’s approval by baking the world’s greatest bread, while the half-brother also strives to gain his father’s affection using any and all sorts of methods.

A very moving drama. 30 episodes and all. I love it. The over-dramatics and everything. Haha~

I could only find with Chinese subtitles, so,


Review: Oh! My Lady

Lots of cuteness, fun-ness and liveliness, with a little little bit of sadness. But all in all, a really fun drama to watch, especially when in need of laughter.

Overall-y, I totally enjoyed it.

Choi Si Won can act, that is all that I can say. I didn’t have much expectation for him, and so I was thoroughly surprised to say the least. He could carry the drama, with his acting, his charisma, and when the need arose, his abs. Total hot-ness overload.

Chae Rim, this is her first drama that I watched. Not totally amazed by her, but I have read that this does not show us her full potential. But, liked her character quite a lot, funny at times, but also endearing as well. She allowed me to feel her emotions and such.

The story moved at a pace that was quite consistent. Although there were times when I felt like hitting my computer screen when it was dragging for too long. Perhaps whenever the ex-husband was on? Couldn’t stand him at all, but I must say that his expressions are freaking hilarious.

The two girls as the daughters were adorable. Very cute. But they could definitely act.

Hmm~ I don’t really know what else to write about actually. This is my first time doing this sort of stuffs. Just my personal opinion. I hope that I will improve, and post more regularly. Haha~

And, if you haven’t watch this, I definitely recommend it. Not a deep drama, quite shallow and predictable actually, but fun nonetheless.

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