The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry

Also known as 아직도 결혼하고 싶은 여자 or City Lovers.

Premiering on January 20th on MBC. On Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9.55pm.

The drama summary, here.

As can be seen, Kim Bum is in it – woohoo~ – he will be playing the character which the lead lady falls in love with a younger guy. Haha~ But I am not sure if I will have the time le~

The trailers available, not subbed though.

Will update to write which sites will provide the subbed versions.

Bloody Monday Season 2

Another new Japanese drama that is set to air soon, on 23 January 2010, Saturdays at 8 pm on TBS.

The drama stars Miura Haruma and Sato Takeru.

This is a remake of the manga by the same name, although I think the second season moves away from the original story. The manga can be read at Onemanga.

The second season is quite similar to the first season, where Tokyo is faces with something deadly and can wipe out the entire city. Where the first season dealt with a deadly Russian weapons-grade virus, and the new season is set two years later when an aircraft bearing a new kind of nuclear weapon threatens Tokyo. Miura plays the role of a genius hacker and Sato is his best friend.

I think the terrorist/bad guys in the second season are the same as in the first season. But they have also added new cast members to their ensemble.

I am actually looking forward to this drama as I had already watched the first season and got really addicted to it – I was watching the first season as I was preparing for my Law Year 1 Finals – but, I will have to constrain myself and not overdo it. So I will only be able to watch when I have the time. Haiz~

Anyways, the drama summary, here.

And a trailer.

To watch with subtitles, at Mysoju, Season 1 and the coming soon Season 2. And on Dramacrazy.

Something extra to read regarding the drama, here.

ps> i realised that i am now hooked unto japanese dramas, instead of korean or taiwanese… as can be seen from my previous posts… hmm… i wonder why…

Perfect Girl Evolution

A new Japanese drama that will air starting TODAY!

On Friday at 10 pm, and the broadcast network is TBS.

Also known as Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge or ヤマトナデシコ七変化.

It stars Kamenashi Kazuya, from Gokusen Season 2, and Oomasa Aya, from Mei-chan no Shitsuji amd others as well.

It is a remake of a manga by the same name, you can read the manga at Onemanga.

I started reading the manga a few days ago after finding out about this drama and it is hilarious.

The story revolves around 4 boys and a girl. The girl is the 4 boys’ landlady’s niece, and to be able to get free rent, they must turn the girl into a lady – a real japanese lady. The girl is a horror loving girl, preferring the dark and weird things. The boys are all gorgeous and are weird special in their own way.  And so the story tells of how the boys are determined to change the girl while the girl is set on not changing.

The summary, here.

And the trailers available.

And the interview with the cast, subbed.

Episodes should be available in Mysoju soon, but I am not sure about Dramacrazy, will keep this updated. And on Dramacrazy and Vikii.

I am not sure if I will be going after this drama, maybe only when I have the time because of assignments and such. But I hope I will be able to update more on this. Hehe~


Tokyo Dogs end


I am sorry I have not been updating on this. But I must say that I have finished this drama and I absolutely love it. A great combination of Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro.

Throughout the drama, you will see both of them banter back and forth, as usual, especially during the times when it is serious. Haha~

Oh~ And Marou (Hiro’s) and Yuki found out that the woman that kept calling Sou (Shun’s) was her mother in episode 10. They followed him when he decided to leave without him. It was so hilarious as Sou kept trying to get them to get out but his mom would have none of it. ‘Sou-chan Sou-chan’ Sou’s nickname by his mom, which Marou kept pestering him with after finding out.

And it ended on a happy note as Sou finally caught the killer who killed his dad, who happened to be Yuki’s ex-lover before she lost her memories. And Sou got reinstated into the New York Police Department for his performance in this case. Marou and Yuki went with him to the airport to send him off and Marou wanted an emotional parting and all that, and Sou declined it, obviously. As Sou walked away, Marou asked Yuki if this was how she wanted it to end, she shook her head and then ran towards Sou. As she hugged him from behind, Sou flipped her forward and was going to use his feet to stomp her when he realised who it was. LOL~ It was so funny. And Yuki: ‘Ahh~ He flipped me over again.’ And Marou ran towards them and said: ‘This was not how it was suppose to end. Let’s do it again.’ Haha~ I was laughing my ass off at this. If you remembered, it happened in one of the earlier episodes when Sou was teachin Yuki how to react if she got attacked or something. Back to the point, as Sou was finally going to leave, his hand pulling his luggage, he realised that it was gone, as someone had stolen it while he was arguing with Marou and Yuki. And as his style, pulled out his gun and fired a shot, causing the airport to be in chaos, as he and Marou ran after the thief.

LOL~ Go watch it if you must. I think they are considering either a second season or a movie to end it properly, or something like that.


Sherlock Holmes


An extremely good movie. I absolutely loved it!!!

This movie is a remake of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional character. Starring Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law, Rachel McAdams and Mark Strong.

The summary of the movie, here.

Although the movie has Sherlock Holmes on the more agressive side, it was still good. He also played the violin in the movie, but I think in a different way as to the novels.Robert Downey played Sherlock Holmes in a great way. I so love him in this movie, although I haven’t watch Iron Man yet. Haha~

And Jude Law as Dr Watson was splendid. In the novels, he was more of a sidekick, but here, he could hold his own very well. For me, Jude Law potrayed Dr Watson in a really cool way, always there for Sherlock when he needed him.

One of the cool thing was that, whenever Sherlock Holmes was going to fight, he would first analyse it, then only act on it. Really funny.

And so, the trailers, two sorts, different in some ways. Lol~

If you have not watched it yet, you MUST, DEFINITELY MUST!!! Haha~

I seriously hope that a sequel will come out really soon. It will be absolutely awesome.

Ps> just something random… Sherlock Holmes said: ‘Its nice… when I have someone I can thoroughly rely on.’

Bodyguards and Assassins

Also known as 十月圍城.

A good show, definitely worth watching.

Tells of the time when the Qing dynasty of China was corrupt and at the edge of crumbling, and revolutionary forces all over China join together in Hong Kong, a British colony at that time, to overthrow the dynasty. The movie tells the story of how many people sacrificed their lives so that the revolutionary leader can meet with the others to plan their simultaneous attack. They are the bodyguards, and the assassins are those sent by the Empress Dowager to assassinate the revolutionary leader.

This movie stars Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse, Fan Bingbing, Eric Tsang, Leon Lai and many others.

The movie summary and cast, here.

For me, this movie was really good, although some parts were quite emotional as you see many people sacrificing themselves for someone that they will never meet.

But there is a hilarious part, the horse. If you have watched it, you may know what I mean. But if you haven’t, look out for it, you’ll know what I mean. Haha~

Anyways, I have included the trailers.