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IRIS, previews of episode 17 to 20

wow~ Haven’t updated in a long time. So sorry, because of the lacking wireless and assignment due yesterday.

Anyways, I haven’t been able to watch lots of dramas this past week, but I have added the episodes previews. This drama just completed its run yesterday.

And so, episode 17.

Episode 18.

Episode 19.

And episode 20.

Episodes available in English subs at Mysoju and Dramacrazy.

Oh~ Chinese subs are also available at Xiaoli.

Beyond the Realm of Conscience

A really good drama to watch. I just completed it and found it awesome, but I really found the ending a cliff-hanger, although I am sure not many people agree with me. Haha~ I’m sure they would say ‘USE YOUR IMAGINATION!!!’


This drama stars Charmaine Sheh 佘詩曼, Tavia Yeung 楊怡, Moses Chan 陳豪 and Kevin Cheng 鄭嘉穎.

The drama tells of 2 young girls, Sam-ho (Charmaine’s) and Kam-ling (Tavia’s) who grew up in the Imperial Palace during the Tang Dynasty. They grew up as palace maids working in the Imperial Household Bureau, which consists of four different departments, namely the Houses of Attire, Food & Beverage, Furnishing and Jewelry. Although, Sam-ho and Kam-ling started out as palace maids, they slowly rose in ranks, with Sam-ho using her kindness and honesty, whereas Kam-ling used her cunning enemies to get rid of her competitors towards her ultimate goal of being the Empress. Moses Chan is the Emporer while Kevin Cheng is a scholar in the palace.

The summary can be quite long, so the summary, here. The drama cast list, here.

Anyways, thoughts. I felt that I knew what was going to happen next, and so there were no surprises. But the thing that I love was the customes and such, so much thought – and obviously MONEY – had been put into it, the exquisite designs and whatnots.

From palace maid to concubine.

Hmm~ I only have Tavia’s. Sorry~

And the full cast, with full costumes.

And so, if you are interested, the links at Mysoju and Dramacrazy.

And the teasers.Tavia’s, Charmaine’s and Moses’, each having their own.

IRIS, from episode 13 onwards


No other spy thriller can compare with it, not even Black and White, the Taiwanses drama, which had quite good ratings as well.

IRIS, the plot twists and turns in every direction, some work for the secret organisation – IRIS itself – while others work with certain North Korean government personnel. And apparently they are working towards the same goal, which is to set off a nuclear bomb in Seoul Central district, where the Blue House (equivalent to the White House) and other government buildings are.

Anyways, the plot continues as the terrorist group work in setting off the nuclear bomb whereas, Hyun Joong and Sung Hwa (the lady in the above pic – she is so cool, haha~) goes against them and work to bring down IRIS.

Episode previews for episode 15 and 16.

I have also included the ending of episode 16.

And also a clip of when they were filming at Gwanghwamun in Seoul, South Korea on November 28, 2009.

Links to watch the drama online, at Mysoju and at Dramacrazy.

At this point, Mysoju is at episode 10 while Dramacrazy is at episode 14. All subbed.

Ninja Assassin

Definitely the movie to watch if you can stand gory stuffs, and Rain is not bad to look at either. Haha~ Rain was the main reason that I took into account to even watch the movie, if not, don’t even think about it.

Rain acts as a ninja assassin who has been trained as a killing machine since young in a secluded ninja school nestled high up in the snowy mountains.

The movie summary, at Wikipedia and at IMDb.

For me, the story line was quite good as it was really expected. Although the blood splattered throughout the movie was really fake, it did give it a sense of ‘realness’… I don’t know… Haha~

The gory parts of the movie was that there were excessive amount of blood and whenever the ninjas were fighting, there will be bound to be body parts flying around. But, thank goodness that most of the fighting scenes happened at night and so the bloody parts were not as obvious as it would be if it were to happen in the daytime.

The action scenes of the movie was totally good and it wasn’t at the point where people will start to think that it will be highly impossible to achieve.

But there was a really cute and hilarious part during the movie. It was when Raizo (Rain) got caught by the Europol (European version of Interpol, I think, but definitely the police or something) and they said that he did not look like an assassin but more like he belonged in a boy band. It was so damn funny. Haha~

Rain, hmm~ lets just say that I love him even more. Haha~ He looks totally awesome and hot in the movie. And my sister was saying that ‘His six packs looks even hotter than Taylor Lautner’s’ and I went ‘DUH!!! Rain is older and obviously his body would be more developed than a kid’s lah’. Don’t get offended, Lautner’s fans, but technically he is still a kid, definitely not an adult yet.

Anyways, I just love Rain, can’t say much about his acting because I’m not a judge of that. I usually just watch any movies which I have an interest in, no matter is the actor, actress, the storyline, the trailer, and whatever that attracts me to it. I sometimes love movies which other people may hate. But, ya~ thats me. So, generally I don’t really bother about the acting as long as it is not bad, and that it is not painfully obvious that the actor or actress just can’t act at all.

Or maybe I’m just bias. Hehe~

Ok. Trailer time.

If you have not watched it, it is definitely worth it. But bear in mind that it is so not for the faint hearted. Even I had to cover my eyes in certain scenes.

I have included an interview, but I have not watched it so I’m not sure what it contains. If it contains anything explicit do tell me and I’ll remove it, or until I have seen it.

There is also the official interview with both Rain and Naomi Harris, but I can’t embed the videos, so the links, for Rain’s and Noami Harris’.