You’re Beautiful… end…

a drama that I so totally love…

I have just finished watching the last episode (total 16 episodes) and I am already missing it. It’s so good and now have to be satisfied with behind the scenes and what-nots…

However, there are certain things or scenes which I am not satisfied with. For example, NO kiss at all when they – Mi Nyu and Tae Kyung- reunite, until the very last second… How can the producers/writers do that? Kinda like ruined the whole re-uniting bit, but at least the end was just nice and not too cheesy and stuff, oh, thank goodness the ending wasn’t rushed into as well.

But I will definitely miss quite a lot of little things which makes this drama special in its own way. The ‘fireworks’ whenever Mi Nyu thinks of Tae Kyung; Mi Nyu pressing her nose to ‘stop’ her flow of emotions – or should I say LOVE –  to Tae Kyung; the different parodies – especially Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ – ; Manager Ma and Coordinator Wang’s imaginations of the whole group, either individually or as a whole; and I guess the most that I’ll miss is Shin Woo. I can’t believe he didn’t get the girl but I guess that’s the whole point of the drama.

Let’s just say that my favourite character is Shin Woo, I have no idea why. Even for Boys Before Flowers, my favourite character was Ji Hoo. I guess I am a sucker for nice guys but they never get the girl. Haha~

ps> If you watch on Vikii, the subbers discuss the drama on top of the show itself, so you can actully know what they are thinking as well. Ah~ and Shin Woo was always compared to Ji Hoo, in all sorts of areas, like the white colour clothes, the white colour car and all sorts of stuffs; but I still like Shin Woo better, in terms of acting and his character itself, more agressive than Ji Hoo. Hehe~

Ahh~ lets not forget pig-rabbit…

But, haiz, overall it is now one of my favourite dramas, but, i think, still after My Girl though. Hehe~

ps> My Girl and You’re Beautiful are written by the same people, the Hong sisters, and apparently their dramas are quite good.


I have included the links to sites where this drama can be watched with English subtitles.

Mysoju, Dramacrazy and Vikii… Enjoy.

Ok~ Behind the scenes time. Hahaha~

Has several of the parodies and different sort of scenes. I will try to find some more and put them up here.



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