Easy Fortune Happy Life…

well… the latest taiwanese drama which i finished… hmm… actually technically…

Easy Fortune Happy Life 福氣又安康…

Easy Fortune Happy Life

the cast… Joe Chen Qiao En 陳喬恩 and Blue Lan Zheng Long 藍正龍 starring… with Roy Qiu Ze 邱澤, Jocelyn Wang Yi Ren 王怡仁 and Xiu Jie Kai 修杰楷…

EFHL - Main Cast

Easy Fortune Happy Life - Main Cast

EFHL - Cast

EFHL -Cast 2

the drama summary… here

i started with high hopes and gave up at episode 7 only to continue it again at episode 12 after my exams until i completed it… the drama progressed really slow… and lets just say i could get back to the story really quick… i dont think i missed much… only the part where Yan Da Feng – Blue’s character, fell in love with Xie Fu An – Joe’s character… but i think its the 10th episode or so… somewhere there… haha…

anyways… i completed it just to see how it ended… and i was so not surprised… although i do think that the script writers could have improved it by a LOT… haha…

Promo 1

oh well…

Easy Fortune Happy Life 2


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